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Automatic Waste and Linen transfer systems (PWCS)- Easy, Fast and Safe

Ecosir Group Ltd is specialized into the logistic solutions and especially for Health Care (HC). The leadership includes 30 years experience and over 100 health care projects. Nearly 100% of the business is focused into most demanding Health Care segment. The offering includes logistic design, consultation, automatic and semi-automatic waste, laundry/linen transfer solutions and also demanding hospital kitchen food (BIO) waste systems. The projects are ongoing in international and domestic market.

Ecosir Group is a member and developer in various Health care associations and organization like hygienic, care, health technology and . The projects can be found in University, Central and City hospitals, Care  centers, Nursing homes and Hospital campus food service centers/kitchens making Ecosir Group the only and leading solution provider for Health Care.



Antimicrobial resistance is a growing and serious problem- 10 million deaths by year in 2050 (8.11.2016)

The world economic forum is committed to improving the state of the world. Among the global warming the antimicrobial resistance is getting a major role. It's estimated that by 2050 the phenomena kills yearly 10 million people which is more than any known decease including cancer

Hygienic Hospital Group- Making care process safer (3.10.2016)

It’s time to take control of the entire hospital hygiene chain. The group of high-tech companies offer the missing pieces for the hygiene chain.

New Children hospital 2018 gets hygienic waste and linen transfer solution (6.9.2016)

Brand new Children hospital will be equipped with hygienic dirty linen/laundry and waste transfer system. The hospital will be part of Helsinki University Hospital district and gets patients from large area in the beginning of 2018.