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 Automatic ALWS systel for soiled linen and waste

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Automatic Waste and Soiled Linen transfer systems (PWCS)- Easy, Fast and Safe

Ecosir Group Ltd is specialized into the logistic solutions and especially for Health Care (HC). The leadership includes 30 years experience and over 100 health care projects. Nearly 100% of the business is focused into most demanding Health Care segment. The offering includes logistic design, consultation, automatic and semi-automatic waste, laundry/linen transfer solutions and also demanding hospital kitchen food (BIO) waste systems.The highest technology from health care field is is also use in special residential  and commercial  builing projects. Yearly over 15 projects are ongoing in international and domestic market.

Ecosir Group is a member and developer in various Health care associations and organization like hygienic, care, health technology and . The projects can be found in University, Central and City hospitals, Care  centers, Nursing homes and Hospital campus food service centers/kitchens making Ecosir Group the only and leading solution provider for Health Care.



New and huge Al Adan Hospital Includes Cutting Edge Technology from Ecosir Group (4.4.2018)

Al Adan Hospital’s new Maternity and Pediatrics facilities in Kuwait will be equipped with an automated Waste and Linen Transfer System by Ecosir Group, a market leader in hospital and healthcare logistic systems.

Presentation of better hygiene at IHF 58th Congress on June 8th, 2018 Lyon Centre de Congrès (22.3.2018)

IHF (Ingénieurs Hospitaliers de France) congress will be organized already 58th times. It's one of the key congress worldwide where health care specialists and professionals are gathering together for better design and methods for future hospital

Ecosir Group signed partnership in Norway (13.3.2018)

Newest member partner company has joined Ecosir Group's partner network to handle and support projects in Norway.