Automatic Waste and Soiled Linen transfer systems (PWCS)- Easy, Fast and Safe


The new central prison complex in Estonia count on safe and hygienic vacuum waste transfer technology
Ecosir Group is celebrating 30 years history in the waste and soiled linen transfer solutions. It is one of the oldest company in its field and have performed over 100 major projects
The central hospital of Karelia Health District has performed high quality construction implementation for its central campus kitchen.
The market leader Taqa Int. Trading & Cont. Company has signed partnership agreement with Ecosir Group in the field of high quality waste and soiled linen transfer solutions.
The biggest single construction site in P.R China locates at Langfang city. The building complex gets the latest vacuum waste transfer technology and (PWCS) systems from Ecosir Group. The deliveries of two systems will leave this summer.
UE Pte is a market leader in construction real estate related solutions at Singapore and ranked as top 1000 company in region. Ecosir Group and UE has signed partnership contract with related projects in the field of high quality waste transfer solutions
The world’s first comprehensive electronic medical tourism portal called as Dubai Health Experience has been published. The Antimicrobic resistance (AMR) is expected to have high priority in hygienic hospital
The world economic forum is committed to improving the state of the world. Among the global warming the antimicrobial resistance is getting a major role. It's estimated that by 2050 the phenomena kills yearly 10 million people which is more than any known decease including cancer
It’s time to take control of the entire hospital hygiene chain. The group of high-tech companies offer the missing pieces for the hygiene chain.
Brand new Children hospital will be equipped with hygienic dirty linen/laundry and waste transfer system. The hospital will be part of Helsinki University Hospital district and gets patients from large area in the beginning of 2018.
The leader in health care waste and dirty linen solutions Ecosir Group has been celebrating "Good care environment" theme in Helsinki City Care center with more than 1 million hygienic and odor free waste transfers
Intelligent Drop&Go technology opens totally new way for health care field to design and monitoring the logistic main streams at hospitals or Care centers
The market leader in health care technology Ecosir Group is chosen as solution provider for new multi-stepped care center for city of Espoo. It formulates the largest Health care technology transfer park with other Helsinki HUS hospital district hospitals within a radius of 3.5 km
Evac operates as a certified distribution partner for Ecosir Group solutions powered with French web page and material. Evac Building is part of Evac company HQ Espoo Finland
Ecosir Group was chosen as system supplier into Joensuu city's new rehabilitation hospital and health care center. The system is fully automatic and hygienic designed especially for health care use. The new central kitchen with daily portions around 6 000 will be also equipped with an automatic and hygienic bio waste pipeline transmission system.