Automatic waste and linen transfer solutions

Logistics with DROP&GO releases time for care process
Drop&GO technology Automatic waste and linen transfer_Hygienic, safe and time for care

Automatic transfer systems - Hygienic solutions for waste and linen handling

A modern hospital has the best care processes and the highest level of hygiene. As a part of the logistic streams large amount of waste and linen (laundry) is generated in a very short periods. Several tons of dirty linen and waste must be processed quickly out from the wards between the working shifts. The automatic transfer methods are the most modern way to improve the hygienic and logistic efficiency.

DROP&GO - It's easy and fast!

  • Time for care work 
  • Hygienic - No odor or risks of contamination with leakig bags/open trolleys
  • Efficient - reduces the number of elevators needed and floor space (cost saving)