Antimicrobial design furniture

Antimicrobial furniture collection 

Isku Health is the world’s first complete collection of furniture that cuts down the spread of infections – without compromising comfort or good looks.

 Isku’s innovation is based on natural copper and silver technology on surfaces, fabrics, and coating that actively prevent contaminations. The antimicrobial coating reduces significantly or even eliminates the risk of infections spreading through surfaces, and is ideal for furniture solutions in any public space. No chemicals are used, so Isku’s furniture are a safe choice.

 With the new solution Isku Health contributes to the safety of patients and healthcare professionals in sensitive environments. The Health range includes chairs, sofas, couches, tables, office chairs and desks. In addition to the copper based surfaces, the antibacterial effect is ensured with laminates, varnishes, paints and fabrics that have been treated with antimicrobial agents.

 Isku is a leader in Finnish know-how, quality and industrial innovation since 1928. Isku’s goal is to high-quality furniture while ensuring responsible production. The Isku factory in Lahti, Finland, is one of the most modern production facilities in the European furniture industry.


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