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Ecosir Group – Company and structure - Over 100 projects 


•Ecosir Group celebrate 30 year of experience in 2016 in environmental technology based on integrated companies. It is one of the oldest and only company focusing nearly 100% into the most demanding Heath Care segment.

*Ecosir Group's history started at 1987. Panostaja Plc acquired a group of three companies in 2008 and 2009 and integrated them to form one of the leading player in its field with an unique product offering and know-how.

•Panostaja Plc is listed in Helsinki Stock exchange (OMX) and Ecosir Group is one of its 8 business areas. Panostaja Plc’s turnover was about 173 million euro in 2016 and Ecosir Group's yearly turnover has been up to 6.3 million euro during the years. Panostaja Plc is a major shareholder in Ecosir Group Ltd and Ecosir Group is reported as its associated company.

•Ecosir Group has its headquarter and operations in Espoo, Finland, a domestic project operation unit in Kuopio and in Tampere with an administration operations.  The number of the personnel varies, depending on the on-going projects. Company employs around 200 hundred employees through its partner network.

•Company’s comprehensive product range includes several solutions for mixed and organic waste, energy and paper materials, laundry and waste management consultation

•The solutions for hospitals, residential buildings, care centers and nursery homes end up to over 100 projects