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Major system control modernization up and running

Ecosir Group’s Service Care ™  has performed major modernization into over 30 year old  waste and laundry vacuum transfer system.

The upgrade contains the latest and most modern control and user operation integration for the whole campus area. It covers close to 100 waste and laundry inlets and some kilometers of piping in connection to existing machine room.

The energy savings and control flexibility have been taken into today’s level after this modernization.

The control solutions and remote on line monitoring services will make the waste and laundry logistics solution very efficient.

The project continues when the new hospital under construction will be connected into this new control system platform.


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China’s waste transfer is managed by new technology

China’s strong economic growth increases the overall volume of waste. Major cities have taken significant steps in the field of circular economy since summer 2019. Waste recycling has been enhanced through legislative changes and regulations demanding waste segregation into a minimum of four (4) waste types.


High and dense urban construction generates large quantities of waste every day. It cannot be handled in a cost-effective and odorless way with traditional waste bin solutions. The aim is also to improve clean air quality and safety by removing heavy garbage truck traffic from the streets. This requires new waste transfer technologies.


“The export of Finnish first-class clean technology is gaining momentum now. The latest high-volume waste transfer and sorting system from Ecosir Group is selected for the Intelligent City at Shenzhen. Winning the international tender is a great continuation on the top of our previous deliveries to China’s commercial and residential areas, says Mauri Leponen, CEO of Ecosir Group Oy.

The new system has been especially developed for fast and energy efficient transmission. It is combined with the Non-Touch user application. The solution is based on user’s face recognition and mobile phone App that recognizes various waste types to guide and instruct the user. All major waste transfer system parts are also invisible underground providing free and nice view to the sea.  This will be a new and unique user experience in the whole world.


We do also operate in the Health Care area. There large amount of waste must be removed quickly and hygienically from the building. Anyway in Asia, our technology and project expertise are known especially in the green city design and construction sector.  Naturally we have not forgotten the demanding and large size hospital construction in the region. At the beginning of the year we also received big hospital system orders in to two large cities in China. All deliveries will be done by the end of 2020”, states Mauri Leponen.




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Mauri Leponen, CEO, Ecosir Group Oy, tel. +358 20 7290 308, email:



Ecosir Group Oy is a leading Finnish company in the field of vacuum waste transfer systems for demanding city construction and also for hospitals. The company has 30 years of experience in logistics technology. Operations are growing significantly in the international and domestic market. The company’s  sales and order book are growing strongly. Ecosir Group has its headquarters and main operations in Espoo, sales company in Singapore and an administration in Tampere. Internationally, the company has an extensive partner network.

Jarno Pääjärvi has been appointed into International Sales, City Environment and Health Care Logistic Solutions

Ecosir Group Oy, a pioneer in recycling raw materials and laundry pipe transfer systems in the Health Care and City Environment business areas, has appointed Jarno Pääjärvi, into International Sales, City Environment and Health Care Logistic Solutions. The business area is mainly the growing international market in Asia with its dealer network.

Jarno Pääjärvi has previously worked in sales for demanding technology systems in international markets. Companies under the name MAPVISION, HELPTEN and MULTIVAC.


“It’s a pleasure to start a new job. The company is in an exciting growth phase, so I look forward to being part of the Ecosir team to implement their growth strategy,” says Jarno Pääjärvi

“Through Jarno, we will gain additional power, experience and new development models for our international sales,” adds Mauri Leponen, CEO



Mauri Leponen



Ecosir Group Oy is a market leader in the design and operation of pipe transfer systems, especially in the Health Care area. Operations are growing strongly and references are available at almost all university or central hospitals, as well as in several health centers, nursing homes, shopping centers and industry. In addition, the company has expanded into the City Environment area, particularly in Asia. The company operates in Espoo, Tampere and Singapore and with worldwide certified partners.

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Mauri Leponen, CEO

Phone +358 20 7290 300

ECOSIR GROUP OY, Ruukinmestarintie 12, 02330 Espoo

Bringing health technology into Middle East

After success in Al Adan Hospital project Kuwait, Ecosir Group expands its technology promotion into Global Health Exhibition, at Riyadh in Saudi-Arabia.

The latest innovations in the field of hospital waste and dirty linen vacuum transfer solutions are great tools against multi-resistant bacteria without forgetting the cost savings and patient healing process.

The exhibition booth was honored also by Minister of Social Affairs and Heath, Minister Pirkko Mattila (left).