Vertical waste and linen chutes with sorting devices

The semi-automatic transfer system is an ideal and extremely efficient collection solution for vertical transfer of waste or laundry for small size hospitals and care centers. The collection is easy and fast from the upper floors down to the containers or compactor. The systems are typically equipped with waste separation or linen distribution solutions.

The semi-automatic waste and linen systems can be linked with fully automatic transfer solution XMIT CAREMASTER by utilizing pneumatic transfer technology


• Vertical transfer is quick and economical way to transport linen/laundry or waste
• Laundry can be dropped, either as an open format or in bags

The system can be linekd with fully automatic waste or linen transfer system XMIT CAREMASTER.


• Fast way to carry your linen/laundry
• Hygienic – can be equipped even with Automatic Washing System (AWS™)
• Remarkable timesaving


The care centers, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, commercial applications

  • Free people flow
  • Fresh air
  • Higher property value